RICHARD VRANCH is an actor, voiceover, improviser and writer, and he does stand-up in French. He's made cartoons and animations, and with Pippa the Ripper he is half of the science hula-hoop act "Dr Hula." Every week since 1986 he's improvised comedy on stage at the London Comedy Store, in the Comedy Store Players. In 2016 they appeared at Shakespeare's Globe for the 19th year at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre for the 27th year. They hold the Guinness Word Record for longevity. He's on Twitter @richardvranch.

Richard appeared as Julian in the sitcom 'The Littlest Boho' (Nerd Productions) which features in the 2016 Raindance programme. He recently played the role of Gilmanuk in 'Theatre of War,' a Dr Who audio story with Sylvester McCoy (Big Finish Productions.) Dr Vranch been a guest on BBC Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage with Prof Brian Cox and Robin Ince, including the General Relativity centenary specials in December 2015.

Richard's voice can be heard on numerous radio and TV ads, and he voices documentaries like Channel 4's 'Love Thy Neighbour' and the first series of 'Hotel Inspector.' 

In 2012 he acted in the scripted show "Paul Merton: Out Of My Head" which toured the UK then ran at the Vaudeville Theatre in London's West End. He is one of Paul Merton's Impro Chums (5 major UK tours, twelve Edinburgh Fringes) and he's toured the world extensively in the Stephen Frost Impro Allstars, pictured below in New York.

CONTACT DETAILS: For acting and writing please contact Richard directly via and for voiceovers call Sue Terry on 0207 434 2040.

Richard did one job as a mute musician - 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' back in 1988. As the joke says, "You fuck one sheep." Richard did appear in the 2014 Edinburgh 'Whose Line?' stage show as a comedian - with Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie and Clive Anderson. 

Richard has appeared on Just A Minute on Radio 4 as well as 'The Puzzle Panel' 'Wordly Wise' and BBC4's lateral thinking quiz 'Mindgames.' He was an Artistic Associate of Tamasha Theatre having co-written their 2002 play 'Ryman and the Sheikh' which toured to the Pleasance, Manchester Contact Theatre and the Soho Theatre, London.

Richard is the only professional comedian with a Physics Ph.D. (Cavendish Lab, Cambridge) and he was briefly a fellow of St John's College, Oxford. He presented the 8x30 minute Channel 4 prime-time science series 'Beat That Einstein' in 1994, before geek became chic. Consequently Richard appeared on a 'Doctors' Celebrity Special' edition of 'The Weakest Link' on BBC1. Hula goddess Pippa the Ripper and Richard are "Dr Hula" - sharp comedy and sexy hula-hooping combine to demonstrate atomic physics. Dr Hula performed at the Bloomsbury Theatre's Richard Feynman celebration in May 2013, and with Robin Ince and Prof Brian Cox at their Xmas show at the Hammersmith Apollo. Richard was part of the BIG SCIENCE night at the Royal Institution in June 2013.

Richard was co-founder with Leisa Rea of The YarnBards, storytellers who spin audience suggestions into brand new dramatised adventures and sagas. YarnBards were acclaimed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2005 and 2007. Richard and Leisa have also performed as a duo, the "Ukulele Lesbians.'

Richard had the pleasure of acting with Stephen Frost at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe in a 2-handed short play by Dan Evans and Milton Jones, as well as with the Impro Chums. Richard's first Edinburgh Fringe was in 1979 - there's a picture from that year below with two National Treasures. 

Richard is a big fan of Lemon Jelly and VW Type 2 camper vans.

He runs workshops, hosts sessions for businesspeople who want to communicate better, and sometimes puts on a suit to host conferences. He has appeared in an Italian TV commercial for ice cream. Richard Vranch House was the name of the flats in the first TV episode of Little Britain.

TV documentary narrations also include "The Mentalists" and "Meet The Foxes" in Channel 4's Cutting Edge series.

In 2004 he played an evil father and a cheery but impotent lighthousekeeper in the play 'DOGMAN' alongside Miranda Hart, Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Tom Price, in Edinburgh and at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith. He also completed an impro tour of India, Malaysia and Barbados.

Richard won the IVCA Gold Award for an animated short film for Boots which he made with Lucy Allen. Together they have made animation sequences for 'Smack the Pony' (Channel 4) and the Body Zone of the Millenium Dome. They've had cartoons published in Punch, The Spectator and Maxim.

In 2003 Richard co-wrote and appeared in two series of the BBC Radio 2 show Jammin', winning a silver Sony Award for Radio Comedy.

He's performed Impro comedy at the Ars Nova Theatre, New York, as well as in Galway, Glastonbury, Glasgow, Fowey, Perth and on board the P&O cruise liner Arcadia. "...showing flashes of inspired wit and performing remarkably nimble three-point turns whenever they found themselves heading down a comedy cul-de-sac." - The Scotsman (Impro Chums) 26/8/2005.

Richard has toured the world acting in sketch shows with the English Teaching Theatre, from Mexico to the Middle East. The picture is from a 1988 tour of Cyprus, Jordan, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, playing at the Palestinian El-Hakawati Theatre in East Jerusalem. The Bedouin policeman in the picture saw the show in Amman, Jordan. Richard also appeared in the company's 30th anniversary show in London in October 2003.

 His one-man show 'MEXICO' premiered in 1999 and was staged in London and Edinburgh. He's also written bizarre stuff.  In autumn 2013 he improvised lots of adverts for Tom Tom while driving a car around Islington.

Other telly bits include The Paul Merton Show (BBC 1, co-writing and performing), Jackanory (BBC1, making up stories), Smack the Pony (C4, sketches and animation), Let's Pretend (ITV1, presenting), You Bet (ITV1, betting on JCB challenges), Hello Mum (BBC2, as Bernie Bermuda), The Secret Policeman's Biggest Ball (sketches with Eleanor Bron and Willie Rushton), Cue The Music (over 100 episodes presented/busked with Tony Slattery on ITV1.)

Richard and Jim Sweeney's script 'Lucy and the Vamp' was nominated for the 2000 BBC2 Greenlight Award.

With Tony Slattery he presented the Channel 4 TV quiz series 'The Music Game'. In this picture the guests are Nicholas Parsons, Betty Boo and Neil Innes.

He has appeared as a panelist on radio panels like Wordly Wise, Just a Minute, Puzzle Panel and Cross Questioned. He wrote lines for the classic topical comedy show Weekending. He co-wrote and performed the 1989 BBC Radio 2 sketch show 'The Hot Club' with Arthur Smith, Josie Lawrence and Ronnie Golden, and hosted a BBC Open University radio programme about how comedy works abroad.

Theatre work includes co-writing and performing in the Paul Merton show (a 3-man variety show with Lee Simpson and Paul, on tour then a two-week season at the London Palladium in 1994), and playing the Grand Vizier in the 1986 Latchmere Theatre panto. Richard has acted on the London theatre fringe, playing the father in the sinister family Christmas comedy 'The Dead Set.' He wrote and performed in the children's show 'Jewels in Jeopardy' at the V&A Museum of Childhood in 1991.

He has acted in impro shows at the Royal Court Theatre and Ambassador's Theatre with Eddie Izzard. The Comedy Store Players continue their annual trips to Shakespeare's Globe and Regent's Park, and have played the Olivier Theatre. He has appeared in the Impro Musical (Donmar Warehouse), Live Soap at the Donmar, The Impro Panto (BAC), The Cannery (San Francisco) with Greg Proops, Keith Johnston's 'Micetro' (Hackney Empire), Improbable Theatre's 'Lifegame' both as a company member and the protagonist (West Yorkshire Playhouse), 'Animo' (Brighton) and 'Improbable Tales' (Nottingham Playhouse.) He improvised at the 1998 Montreal Juste Pour Rire comedy festival and in scores of impro tours of the Middle East, Far East and Ireland in Stephen Frost's Impro Allstars.

At Cambridge University he used to teach things like special relativity, quantum mechanics, electrostatics and the Uncertainty Principle to the first year undergraduates. He's had research papers (on radiation defects in silicon lattice structures) published in semiconductor physics research journals.

Richard first performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1979 with the Cambridge Mummers, who held a 50th anniversary dinner that September attended by Richard, Joanna Wade, Alistair Cooke and Stephen Fry (Cooke was a founder member in 1929.)

In 1981 Richard began writing and performing a double-act with Tony Slattery. They played on the London comedy circuit, and successfully topped the bill at Malcolm Hardy's notorious Tunnel Palladium club. Richard and Tony had an impromptu seance with Ki and Viv Stanshall after playing on their theatre boat the 'Thekla' in Bristol docks on Halloween night, 1984. This photograph was taken by Donna McPhail for their 1984 Edinburgh show 'Aftertaste', bits of which are available on various obscure vidoes.
Other Edinburgh shows include The Millies' sold-out runs at the Edinburgh Assembly Rooms in 1985 and 1986, Terror in Toytown, Jenny LeCoat and the Diamantes, and various Steve Frost Impro Allstars and Comedy Store Players runs.

Richard was a founder member (with Andy Smart, Ronnie Golden, Arthur Smith and Tony Hawks) of the risque dance troupe 'Hunx'. - everything on this site is copyright