Richard has appeared in scripted roles on stage, radio and TV. In 2022 he appeared in character for Private Drama Events on the iconic Belmond Orient Express:

Group photo of the Belmond Orient Express cast (four men, six women and Richard) dressed smartly in 1920s era clothing aboard the train
Richard is on the far right. Photographed by The Other Richard
Photo of Richard Vranch wearing distinguished glasses and suit, sat in a dining car on the Orient Express
Photographed by The Other Richard

He played Gilmanuk in Theatre of War, a Dr Who audio drama by Big Finish Productions starring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as The Doctor and Ace. He played Julian in Nerd Productions' sitcom pilot 'The Littlest Boho' which featured in the 2016 Raindance programme. Richard appeared in the Tamasha Theatre production The Trouble With Asian Men performing verbatim dialogue. He played Bernie Bermuda of the fictional band Bermuda Triangle in the BBC2 sitcom Hello Mum which was broadcast live.

Photo of a Polaroid photograph with Richard in a dark suit jacket with a pink wide collar, and with a two-sided moustache, dated 28/01/1987

In 2004 he played an evil father and a cheery lighthouse-keeper in John Dowie and Neil Innes's play Dogman alongside Miranda Hart, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Janice Phayre, Alys Torrance and Tom Price, directed by Leisa Rea. It was staged at the Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton and at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith:

Photo of Janice Phayre, Tom Price and Richard Vranch against a black background. Janice and Richard are wearing yellow rain ponchos and hat/hood, with Richard sucking on a smoking pipe. Tom has a black nose, like a dog
Alys Torrance, Tom Price and Richard Vranch in Dogman

Richard toured the world with the English Teaching Theatre, acting in sketch shows across Europe, Mexico and the Middle East. They performed in Cyprus, Jordan, Israel and the El Hakawati Palestinian National Theatre in East Jerusalem.

Photo of the heads of a Bedouin policeman in uniform and Richard Vranch dressed as a UK firefighter
A Bedouin policeman who saw the ETT show in Jordan

Theatre work includes the Paul Merton Show, a three-man comedy variety show written and performed by Paul, Richard and Lee Simpson. It toured the UK and had a season at the London Palladium in 1994 which was filmed for a BBC TV special:

Photo of the exterior of the entrance to the London Palladium theatre with the placard stating Paul Merton with Lee Simpson & RIchard Vranch, from 21st March to 2nd April 1994

Richard played the Grand Vizier in the 1986 Latchmere Theatre pantomime Aladdin written by Kjartan Poskitt. On the London fringe he played the Shopkeeper in the V&A Museum of Childhood 1991 Christmas show Jewels in Jeopardy. He was the father in Willo Johnston's dark Christmas comedy The Dead Set with Stuart Nurse and Lizzie Lewendon:

Photograph of Richard Vranch on stage playing Vizie, wearing middle-eastern style religious/wizard costume
Photo of the cast of The Dead Set, with Richard dressed in a shirt, tie, cardigan and Christmas cracker crown, sat on a sofa with other cast members
The Dead Set

Richard appeared in the stage comedy Paul Merton: Out Of My Head which toured the UK before a three week run at the Vaudeville Theatre in 2012:

Photo of the Out Of My Head poster and photos from the show of the cast sitting and standing

Richard didn't appear in Little Britain, but the block of flats was named after him.

Screengrab from Little Britain of an external shot of council estate tower blocks, with a sign the foreground saying RICHARD VRANCH HOUSE

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