Cartoons & Animation

Richard and Lucy Allen's cartoons were published in Punch, The Spectator and Maxim:

Punch magazine cartoon of two buddhists meditating. One says "Life's a bitch...", with the other replying "...and then you're reincarnated"
The Spectator magazine published 25/07/1998 cartoon, of the back of a hearse with a coffin inside, and a sign on the window saying 'Body on board'
Maxim magazine Issue 47 March 1999 of a person in public toilets using the hand drier, with a similar machine labelled as ''trouser drier' below it, aiming at their crotch

Their animated film about genetics was screened continuously in the Body Zone of the Millenium Dome. They also made an animation for Smack The Pony on Channel 4. These two shorts were featured in a non-verbal comedy pilot for ITV produced by Nick Symons:

In 1999 the BBC commissioned a pilot script for Together Forever written by Richard and Jim Sweeney. Jim played a vampire who appears to the viewer as animated, hand-drawn by Lucy on each frame of live-action video. It was nominated for the 2000 BBC2 Greenlight Awards. Richard and Lucy's animated short film for Boots won the IVCA Gold Award:

Gold Award from the International Visual Communication Association in 1998 in the Events And Public Display category for Boots Holiday Health Care Survey by Lucy Allen and Richard Vranch for Boots The Chemist client

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